August 13, 2021

A speedboat which marries the aesthetics of monaco and miami boating culture.

Monaco is a powerboat inspired by the unique identity of the Pricipality of Monaco. While Monaco has a vibrant boating and yachting culture, I wanted to see what I could create if I extended this identity to the very different culture of powerboating. Monaco boating culture is all about luxury - slow, stately cruisers oozing class and sophistication. On the other hand, powerboating culture is centered completely on performance - how much power, how little weight, how fast in open seas, etc. With this design, I attempted to capture both at once; I attempted to craft a modern supercar of the seas.

Monaco is unique in that it has both a catamaran and round-bottom displacement layout, giving it a relatively shallow draft but also retaining a great deal of stability. This multi-chine shape gives Monaco the hybrid characteristics somewhere between a catamaran powerboat and a luxury yacht runabout. It also is somewhat unique in its twin reverse-mounted marine turbine engines. This is in order that the engine intakes can be mounted as high and far back as possible to reduce spray (which is deadly to turbine engines), but at the same time to preserve the weight distribution of the design.

Monaco is only a partially developed concept, but I have thought out many of the internals and specifications.

While usability is a secondary consideration in the speedboat market, it was important for me to consider this aspect to some extent. I designed Monaco to have a rear entry to the cabin, with grab rails and grip pads for the pilot to be able to enter the cockpit.

Due to draft restrictions and safety concerns, the props are shrouded inside the body.

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