August 13, 2021

A popup art installation intended to educate the public on the ill effects of depression and anxiety.

The name of this project is Light at the End of the Tunnel. It was envisioned as a popup art installation that would educate people about the effects of depression and anxiety on people, especially in the era of social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tunnel begins with a bunker-like entrance, with bland concrete walls and and a craggy, rough ceiling. As the ceiling descends, the walls darken, reflecting the slow decrease in energy levels and self-esteem that are symptoms of depression.

Next, light begins to break through openings in the ceiling. The wooden floor gets replaced with a polished red plexiglass. Suddenly, obstacles begin to jut out of the walls, unpredictably obstructing sightlines and creating a feeling of the walls caving in on you as you walk further through the space.

Finally, the obstructions cease and the walls and ceiling start to open up. Slowly, greenery overtakes the concrete, as openings in the concrete allow in more and more light. The walkway narrows slightly and becomes elevated, with water creeping in alongside the path. This light, airy space is intended to comfort and allow the user to exit the space with hope and a 'breath of fresh air'

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