August 13, 2021

A reinterpretation of 'Juicy Salif' by Phillipe Starck.

This design came about as a result of a design challenge posted on Instagram by the page ‘Student Design Showcase’. The challenge was to “Design a lemon squeezer with a juice collector incorporated”. I immediately thought of Philippe Starck’s Juicy Salif, and tried to think of what it would look like with a built-in collector - this is that reinterpretation. This design was inceptualized, ideated, sketched, modelled, and rendered in 2 days, and did end up winning the Instagram challenge that prompted it.

The main challenge in designing Citrea was the time constraint. The challenge was premised on a speedy process, and that was accelerated for me by virtue of college classes, in two of which I had midterms the next week. Therefore I had to be very careful not to let the design run away with me and use more time than I had to give it. I limited myself to one day of ideation/development and one day of modelling/rendering work. I am very happy with the end result - I feel it balances the aesthetic idealism of the original Salif with some of the more practical requirements of the design challenge.

Citrea is fairly simple in construction, consisting of several cast, machined, polished, and painted aluminum pieces, a glass cup, two O-rings, and three screws. There are also three thin foam pads to prevent the feet from scratching the surface they rest on.

The entire assembly is easy to put and take apart for cleaning or assembly-required packaging purposes.

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